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Ang nakakaantig na kwento ng batang napagkamalang 'snatcher' na nagturo ng aral sa isang netizen

   We all learn from our everyday lives based on our experiences, either by only observing or by personally experiencing it. People do learn from each other. But who would have thought that this netizen would learn a very important lesson in life from a young boy who was even mistaken as a snatcher by others? In a post by Diana Alcarmen as shared by Showbizread website, she never thought that a young boy inside a well-known fast food chain would remind her of a very important lesson in life. Diana shared that she was inside a Jollibee store when she met the 12-year-old boy named Jairus, who was sitting in one of the tables. “After a very tiring 3hr appointment with SSS today, i brought my daughter for lunch at Jollibee. There we saw this boy sitting alone inside eating burger and fries. Two Jollibee staff approached the boy, briefly talked to him then left him to eat again. It was then I realized it was almost high noon. Lunch time. Peak hours for the restaurant. I was a little worried